CIO Symposium Contributor

Anand Bhadouria, SM ‘06

Symposium Roles

Logistics Team Member 2013, 2014


Anand is a Cloud expert specializing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Private Cloud. He is a strategic, business-oriented technology leader with over 18 years working in global IT organizations. Currently he is Practice Manager with EMC Consulting and leading Virtual Data Center & Cloud Computing practice in the US. Anand has extensive global experience in Private Cloud, Public Cloud, IT Network & Infrastructure, Consulting, Outsourcing and Project Management. Prior to joining EMC, Anand spent many years with Infosys and Nortel Networks. Anand has served as a consultant on these issues for numerous firms, e.g. US Trust Bank, Comcast, Fidelity, CVS, Northwestern Mutual, CitiGroup, GMAC, Axis Capitol, Wal-Mart, Biogen Idec, Royal Bank of Canada, and Pfizer. Anand is highly motivated with a passion for Cloud technology and business and is very active within the MIT community. For the past four years Anand has been on the organizing committee of MIT CIO Symposium. Anand received his Master of Science degree in Management and Engineering from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT College of Engineering where he focused on Technology Strategy, Innovation, leadership and System Design Management. Anand has also spent some time at Harvard Business School specializing in Business Marketing and Competing with Business Models. In addition, Anand holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.