Panel Information

Panel Name:

Maximizing and Communicating the Business Value of IT

Event Location:
Kresge Auditorium
Event Time:
3:00PM - 4:00PM
Chip Gliedman, Forrester Research (@cgliedman) - Moderator
Brook Colangelo, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (@BrookColangelo)
Harry Moseley, KPMG LLP
Martyn Wiltshire, SanDisk Corp.
Todd Tucker, Technology Business Management Council (@toddetucker)
Panel Description:

Tomorrow’s Digital Enterprise depends on today’s ability to innovate. Yet in many organizations the CIO is not perceived, either rightly or wrongly, as an innovator; IT spends too much on keeping the lights on and lacks the agility to move at the speed of the business. How can CIOs use transparency to create a more business-focused culture in IT? And how can IT executives use facts and metrics to encourage value-oriented conversations with their business partners? This panel will share their experiences in using transparency to speed decision making, collaborate on tradeoffs to improve value, and find ways to fund and govern business investments in innovation.