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Nancy Cappuccio

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Sponsorship Team Member 2014


With 20+ years in high-technology, Ms. Cappuccio brings innovation, customer-driven urgency, team-collaboration, and entrepreneurial savvy to start-up companies and worldwide corporations.  Disciplined as a support engineer with a passion for best-in-class customer success management, customer support and innovative business systems, Nancy consistently delivers world-class products and services with unparalleled program/project management skills for ultimate accountability and profitability.  
She most recently accepted a Product Manager position Gryphon Networks in Norwood, MA where she is focusing on bringing their new Mobile Application product Line to market.
Prior to Gryphon, she was one of the first employees at Restaurant Sciences, in Newton, MA where she converted 80% of new client leads to their new mobile website platform. Additionally she was responsible for building the entire client onboarding process as well as developing custom Mobile Websites using a SaaS based platform.
Throughout her career, she has held other leadership positions at companies such as MoFuse, Turino Group, TableHound, Bluestreak, ADC Telco, Applix, and Banyan Systems. 
Nancy holds a B.S. from Worcester State College University, (Worcester, MA.) and has completed coursework towards a Masters of Computer Science.