CIO Symposium Contributor


Pei Qi

Symposium Roles

Partnership Team Member 2013
International Team Member 2014


Pei Qi has extensive experience in providing innovative technology solution to help clients solve problems more efficiently and build long-term configuration management and regulatory compliance strategies. Pei also excels in project management to deliver quality products to clients on the budget and time. He holds PMP certificate from PMI. Currently Pei is a Senior Analyst and Project Manager with EPM, Inc., a consulting firm providing engineering and software services to Nuclear Industries. In the past, he interned at Bloomberg R&D department, and worked in China Customs. He holds M.S. of Computer Engineering and MBA from University of Wisconsin - Madison. Pei has been actively involved with social and networking activities. He is the Partnership Director and Technology Panel Leader with Harvard China Review, a non-profit organization at Harvard University. He is also the committee member of MIT CIO Symposium serving in the speaker and partnership teams.