CIO Symposium Contributor

Taojun Wu

Symposium Roles

Partnership Team Member 2013
International Team Member 2014


Taojun Wu is enthusiastic about improving operation and creating values for business through technology innovation. He has good blend of business and technology background. He has helped many customers to balance performance and cost in choosing and configuring IT systems properly. He has rich experience in computer software and systems, from sensors to mainframes. He has filed a patent on storage performance. While in NSF TRUST, a top security research program, he published papers on network security. He is a Senior Software Engineer at EMC. In the past, he interned in Juniper Networks and worked in Shanghai Data Center of China Construction Bank. He holds M.S. in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University and dual bachelors in Computer Science and Finance from Wuhan University. Taojun is active in community services. He is vice president of EMC Asian Circle and panel leader for Harvard China Forum.