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A Technology Vision for 2013: Why Every Business is a Digital Business

Event Time:
12:30PM - 1:45PM
- Moderator
Michael Redding, Accenture Technology Labs
Panel Description:

Each year, Accenture identifies the top emerging technology trends that hold the most potential to transform businesses over the next three to five years. With technology now intertwined with every aspect of business, your digital efforts will be the key to how you innovate and expand.

Mike Redding, Managing Director – Accenture Technology Labs, will discuss the this year’s Accenture Technology Vision which lays out the major technology trends which are the underpinning of a large transformational shift not just in the role of technology, but also in the very business models that underpin success. Every business is now a digital business, and every executive needs to be able to understand the implications of technology trends and innovations for his or her company and industry. Without this insight, the company will not be well positioned to achieve high performance.